In case you missed the message so far; MSD News is all about breaking the ‘cycle’ when it comes to news delivery. Now, besides be a catchy way to say we are doing something clever and news-related, there is actually a deeper meaning to our so-called ‘catch phrase’.

Breaking the cycle dives into several areas in which we feel the current ‘News’ options out there are lacking. Firstly, the traditional news-cycle—that is the time spend on certain topics, is far-removed from practicality. For instance, the mainstream news cycle is extended for weeks on end to cover social issues, entertainment news, missing airplanes, and other topics that only impact several segments of the population. While enthralled by this cycle, much more impactful news such as international trade agreements, wide-sweeping legislation, and collusion between governments and corporations barely registers as a blip on the news cycle radar.

More abstractly, breaking the cycle is also a mission of ours to not only deliver relevant, important news, but to also deliver it in a manner that is pleasant to read. Quick email alerts, de-cluttered news apps, and most-importantly—a website free of over-bearing ad functions are the goals with which we trod. What use does relevant news serve if it is delivered in an un-readable manner? You’ll see ads, and hopefully click them to help keep our lights on; but we’ll go broke before we create a spectacle akin to most news organizations.

This is a gist of who we are, and why we’re here. If you have any questions, comments, or requests please get in touch via email or by filling out a form on our contact page.