From Organic Newsroom:

Lemongrass is one powerful natural ally to have on your side, and can be used for more health and culinary benefits that you’d even believe. Scientifically known as Cymbopogon Citratus, lemongrass earned it’s name for it’s light citrus smell. Lemongrass has notoriety for many uses, which includes teas, as a culinary spice, and as a powerful herbal remedy for fevers, bacteria infections, treating headaches, and even helping with anxiety [4]. Lemongrass is thought to have originated in Africa, where Cymbopogon Citratus is known to have grown natively for centuries, but has become wildly popular in modern Western markets in recent decades. Indian cultures have long-recognized the healing powers of lemongrass, and Ayurvedic practitioners have relied on it’s herbal potency throughout their cultural history. If you haven’t heard of lemongrass tea, or lemongrass essential oil before, then you may have noticed that many Thai restaurants fancy to include it in their dishes. It’s often included with other such spices as cardamon, Thai chillis, and cilantro. Lemongrass products are available in most local healthy food stores, and even some grocery stores.

The Many Lemongrass Benefits